Installer 2017 – Counterfeit products and more

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Installer 2017 – Counterfeit products and more

As part of our growing connection with the Plumbing and Heating industry we were recently invited to present at the Installer 2017 exhibition at the Ricoh Arena Coventry on behalf of CIPHE (The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering). Installer 2017 is a national heating and plumbing show.

Our Director of Regulatory Services, Peter Adkins, and Consultant Sarah Bingham, firstly presented a training session on issues which have been coming up on the legal helpline we run for CIPHE members. Topics included dealing with complaints, how to handle issues when there are problems, the importance of good contractual documents and the dangers afforded by non-compliant products.

Peter and Sarah were then invited to take to the main centre stage of the exhibition with Robert Orme from Baxi to discuss the worrying problem of the rise in counterfeit and non CE compliant products

This is very much a current problem for the industry. We have recently written articles and appeared in a CIPHE SmartTalk video with the Bathroom Manufacturers Association on this topic.

The influx of counterfeit products are causing increasing concern to Baxi and other members of the HHIC. As David Willetts of HHIC says ‘Non-genuine parts can have far reaching quality, safety and legal implications for installers’.

Amongst other problems the purchase and fitting of counterfeit parts can damage boilers and other products, invalidate warranties, dramatically increase the risk to life and property and also cause harm to an installer’s reputation.

Where a company’s products are being counterfeited, extreme damage can be done to an innocent company’s reputation. This breach of their intellectual property rights can be serious and expensive to enforce.

Watch out for further articles on this topic in coming months. In the meantime if you are experiencing problems in this area please contact either Peter Adkins or Sarah Bingham



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