Protect your Business : The Importance of Employee Manuals

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Protect your Business : The Importance of Employee Manuals

Elaine Howard discusses the importance of Employers having up to date Staff Handbooks.

It has always been imperative for employers to have policies and procedures they can rely upon to ensure employees uphold and adhere to the culture of their business.

The importance of such documents cannot be underestimated, especially following the recent Supreme Court decision abolishing tribunal fees. The decision means employers will be braced for claims from employees who may previously have been discouraged from pursuing their grievance all the way to court by the thought of the expense it would have entailed.

It is therefore vital that employers ensure their policies and procedures will protect their business in the event disputes arise. These are the documents that will be relied upon to defend claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination and can be referred to when allegations are made that an employer’s actions are not justified.

There are certain policies and procedures that employers are required to have by law. These are disciplinary and grievance procedures, information about pensions and health and safety procedures (for those with over 5 employees). It is also strongly recommended that employers have policies dealing with anti-corruption and bribery, equal opportunities, data protection and whistleblowing.

Whilst many employers may have these as standard, what about the more unusual polices for situations that you hope will not arise? For example, what if you suspect your employee of wrongdoing and wish to investigate but are concerned about allegations of invasion of privacy? An IT Monitoring Policy set out in the staff handbook will enable you to take the steps you need to protect your business from errant employees. This is just one example of the many policies that you may not think you need but could prove invaluable.

Emms Gilmore Liberson can offer a comprehensive and up to date staff handbook for a fixed fee of £500 plus VAT, or individual policies for £50 plus VAT. If you require something more bespoke or wish to update your existing handbook then we can discuss your specific requirements and agree a fee based upon hourly rates.

If you believe it is worth spending a little now to save a lot in the future, please contact Elaine Howard at Emms Gilmore Liberson on 0121 314 0000 to discuss your requirements.


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