Removing Trespassers – EGL celebrates 49 groundbreaking injunctions!

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Removing Trespassers – EGL celebrates 49 groundbreaking injunctions!

Our Property Litigation team are celebrating 49 groundbreaking High Court injunctions to remove trespassers from private property within 24 hours.

The team has pioneered a new legal approach that has resulted in the successful removal of squatters and trespassers from land and commercial premises within 24 hours of applying to the courts for a possession order.

Martyn Liberson, Partner at EGL, said: “Trespassers fail to appreciate the potentially dire consequences of their actions. We have, on many occasions, secured urgent possession orders on properties across England and Wales, including instances where a high number of trespassers have been targeting the same property.”

Traditionally, removing squatters from a building often takes weeks to conclude; however, a possession order from the High Court enables landowners to secure the same-day removal of trespassers, without extortionate costs.

Highlighting what this means for and landowners, Martyn adds: “Each trespass carries a substantial risk to the property and a significant cost to the client, who is continuously forced to waste much valuable time and resource in securing possession and in placing the premises back into repair for letting. By expediting the process, we can ensure that four hours in the courts results in an injunction lasting between 3-5 years. It was clear that this kind of fresh approach was called for in dealing with those who have no legitimate right to be on private property, and we have been delighted to deliver it.”

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