Corporate Law

We offer a comprehensive range of advice to corporations and partnerships, as well as their owners and directors.


Our experienced Corporate Law Solicitors advise in relation to purchases or disposals of shares or assets. Such transactions are frequently effected on an earn-out or deferred consideration basis, the provision of seller finance reflecting difficulties faced by buyers in raising finance in recent years.


We regularly advise on joint venture and shareholder agreements, covering issues such as control by shareholders, the terms of subscription and transfers of shares on an exit by a party. Unfortunately, such arrangements do not always continue in an amicable way and we have particular expertise in assisting in negotiations and the preparation of documentation to resolve disputes between shareholders. We advise on the creation and termination of partnerships, including those governed by the Partnership Act, 1890 and Limited Liability Partnerships, or LLP’s. LLP’s are becoming increasingly recognised as a useful hybrid between a company, providing limited liability and a traditional partnership with its see-through tax status.


We have extensive expertise in the area of business finance, such as in relation to the issue of debt and equity securities by companies, particularly where the documentation is not approved by a person authorised by the Financial Services Authority. Such offers may include a right to subscribe for warrants or other collateral benefits. There is an increasing trend for companies to issue convertible loan notes. We also advise clients on the terms of traditional bank loan and overdraft facilities, we assist clients in entering into various forms of asset finance such as confidential invoice discounting an HP/leasing arrangements.

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