Buying, Selling & Transfers of Premises Licences

At Emms Gilmore Liberson we are well experienced in acting for those who want to buy or sell licensed premises. Apart from dealing with the License we can also handle the full business purchase and the property transfer. All in one place.

If you come to sell your business or are looking to buy a new one, you need to ensure that the appropriate licence is in place, and that it is properly transferred. Questions you will want to consider are

Does the licence cover all the activities you need it to?

Are the permitted hours on the Licence sufficient?

Have there been any problems with the Licence?

Are there likely to be objections to any variations?

Is there a conflict between the Licence and Planning?

Even if selling the premises and transferring the licence you need to ensure this is done correctly, otherwise you may end up with a shock. Until there are appropriate transfers you may remain liable for any licensed activities being continued even though you have sold the business.

A few moments spent chatting this through with us and ensuring it is carried out correctly will avoid nasty surprises later.

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