Dealing with applications for full variation and minor variation

Once a licence has been granted and your business develops, you may want to make changes to the licence, extending hours or its coverage. This is known as varying a licence.

The Licence refers to a plan so any refurbishment or changes to the internal layout can mean that you need to make a variation application

If you wish to change your hours, remove or change conditions, add regulated entertainment or make other changes then we can assist with the variation application.

The changes can in some cases be carried out using a minor variation procedure. This is quicker, cheaper and removes the need for advertising. Where we can we will recommend this route

If a full variation is necessary then we will guide you through this. We will make suggestions as to how to improve your chances of success.

As part of our procedures we provide a number of guides for those we act for to smooth the passage of applications; these include:

  • Guidance on the contents of Plans
  • Guidance on how to advertise your application
  • Draft Age verification Policy
  • Schedule of Fees under the Licensing Act

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