Handling challenges and threats to licences, changing conditions

Licences are often put at risk because of problems at the premises. This could be crime and disorder or noise, or any other breaches of the Licensing Objectives which leads to a review of the licence.

There may also be problems caused by the death or insolvency of the licence holder. In these circumstances it is important to act quickly to secure the licence.

Reviews are a serious matter, they can easily lead to a licence being lost all together. It is therefore very important that you seek early advice and any hearings are properly prepared for.

Occasionally, in the event of serious problems, order can be made closing the premises pending a review hearing. This is normally by a Summary Review. We would strongly recommend that you are represented at any such hearing.

Premises Licences and Club Premises Certificates do not need annual renewal, but do require annual payment s to be made. Non-payment can lead to suspension of the licence.

We have wide experience of dealing with these problems. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

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